Treasure Monkeys

Schatzaffen_BannerFunny monkeys, mysterious treasure maps and cool treasures!

A treasure hunting game for kids over 10.
By Johanna Jacob


The old pirate captain John Silverback has disappeared without a trace. Rumor has it that he has retired and hidden his treasures all over the Coconut Caribbean. But only the cleverest monkeys will be able to find them all…


Treasure Monkeys Testsession Gameplay Prototype

A girl having fun at the gameplay prototpye test session.

Think math and geometry are complicated and boring? The designer of “Treasure Monkeys” thought so too when she was in school. So she decided to do something about it. And what better way to teach geometry than exciting adventures with great treasure? There is none!


  •  Go on treasure hunts with cute monkeys!
  • Find mysterious letters in bottles and travel to uncharted islands!
  • Collect cool pirate clothes for your character!
  • High-quality family-friendly learning game without subscriptions, ads, or hidden costs
  • The exercises are based on the curricula of the German states and the German educational standards

Key Image


Image copyrights Johanna Jacob 2015, Artist: Johanna “Schlogger” Baumann, all rights reserved

Progress of the project

I am looking for a funding!

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“When can the game be played?”

I want the game to be buyable by the end of 2017. In the meantime, you can ask me to get the latest version of the prototype.

“How much will it cost to develop the project?”

Around 100.000 €.

“Can I help even if I do not have that much?”

Yes of course! Every coin will help me to realize the project.
Click the “Donate” button below to donate any amount with paypal.

And money is’nt everything! You can become a tester when the game is ready to be tested. Leave me a message if you want to test the game!

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