September Monkeys

What is going on with “Treasure Monkeys”? In the last weeks, I did not work much on the project. I mostly waited for people to give cost estimations and talked with an artist about a new logo. I also applied for a presentation spot on the Intel Buzz Workshop in Berlin.

The rest of the time I was preparing my business plan and start-up grant application.

Indy? Isn’t it the name of the dog?

I have decided to definetly go for the indie way. This was a perfect transition to the topic I touched upon last time (being a cog in the machine or a human being). But as I began writing the article, I noticed that it became a rant with nothing more to say than: I don’t want to be seen and treated as a cog in the machine, but as a creative human being in a creative process. And so I decided to cut the topic and go back to telling you about “Treasure Monkeys'” progress.

indy dog

Junior, we named the dog “Indiana”!

High quality documentation

I finished the rough feature descriptions one month ago, and I got great feedback for them! Artists and programmers told me that they get seldom descriptions in such a high quality. :D

What will the development cost?

I am still on the cost estimations for “Treasure Monkeys”. I am talking to sound designers, artists and programmers, to get the development costs as exact and reliable as possible.

Treasure Monkey stickers will be reality <3

I also ordered a key image for treasure monkeys to show the world how I want “Treasure Monkeys” to look like. I already saw the preliminary draft and can tell you that is going to be super cute!

That’s it for today. Look forward to the end of september with me! I can’t wait to print a “Treasure Monkeys” sticker *-*

happy treasure monkeys

My sketch of the key image. Imagine this in beautiful!



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