Monkey Christmas and a happy new year!

The monkeys just sailed past christmas island. They send you a message in a bottle and wish you merry christmas and a happy new year!

2015 Recap

In the last weeks of december, I like it to recap the current year. Last year, I had given the upcoming year 2015 the motto “what I really want”. Stuck in a very unhappy job situation, I wanted the next year to be the year where I figure out how I really want to work and on what kind of projects. The end of my job came earlier than expected and allowed me to dedicate almost the whole year to my motto :)
Knowing for long that I rather want to create educational games for children than anything else, I started working on “Treasure Monkeys”. I created a gameplay prototype in Unity and showed it to everybody I talked to in the past month. I got great feedback. Most people liked the game – and even my not so well drawn graphics.
So I thought about the next step. I knew I wanted to make the game, but I did not know how exactly. And even now that I have a  plan on how to do it and how much it will cost, I am not sure if it will work out. But I can only know it if I try.
So what are my plans now?

Plans for 2016

First, I will found a studio. This will happen in early 2016. And now that I know what the production of “Treasure Monkeys” will cost, I will trawl through all money sources I can find to get the money.
How much will the development cost after all? The sum is around 100.000 €. I will write an article about the exact costs later this year.
Money will be a very important thing next year, because my unemployment pay will run out. I plan to continue working as a teacher for the visual programming language “Scratch“, like I already did occasionally this year. I will also have a small teaching job at an university in Leipzig and will work as a freelance game designer. Until I have the money for “Treasure Monkeys”, I will not be able to work on the game more than on my other after-hours projects.


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