Developer Diary: Set Sails!

Great times with great people

It’s been a month since I worked on “Treasure Monkeys” actively the last time. However, many things happened. I visited the “Talk and Play” again and got new precious feedback on the gameplay prototype. I contacted a publisher, showed them the prototype and got more precious feedback about how to prepare the concept for a pitch. I talked to many inspiring and nice people inside and outside the games industry about how to start a company.

For example, I visited the June Mini Game Jam.

mini game jam

“Sleep is overrated”, a half-baked project waiting for the next game jam to be finished. “The night is full of adventures, you just have to discover them!”

If you, my dear reader, happen to be one of them that I was talking to: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Sharing knowledge

Besides, I was teaching the basics of game creation with LUA to girls and young women as part of the ESP team. And I began teaching game creation in Scratch to children in the school where I have been a reading mentor for several years. I’ve also launched a Scratch tutorial channel on Youtube where I explain the projects which we are doing in the classes.

me teaching a child how to program in LUA

Me, teachig a child how to create a game with LUA in the Löve 2D engine. Picture: ESP

Gamescom, perhaps?

And last but not least, I made an application trailer for the Indie Booth on the Gamescom.

What a month! I did not had any time or inspiration to work directly on “Treasure Monkeys”. But now, a more quiet month is coming up and I will return to the work!

I will not work on the gameplay prototype anymore for now. I feel that I have received enough feedback to work on the conceptual stuff again. Just today I finished the first iteration of the “final” asset lists. (During game creation, nothing is ever “final final”, not even when the game is released!) Now I am prepared to talk to freelancers about money again.


Aah, spreadsheets. All the information organized in nice little boxes. Feels good.

The next big step will be to do a rough scetch of all 100 levels I plan for the game. Some people said that they think that the gameplay has not enough potential for more than a few levels. So I’ll prove them wrong by creating all of them!

Some words of wisdom: You are not alone!

Although all of this sounds so easy and straight forward, it is not. I struggled with the fear of “doing it wrong” every day. Did I do the right things? Did I miss something? Should I really do this? Shouldn’t I apply for a “real” job? What if all goes wrong? What do I really want?

But talking to people who are already successful in what you want to achieve (or similar) helps. It helps you to find out what you really want and it helps you to ask the right questions. (What have you done? How? What would you think should I do?) It also helps to learn about chances and constraints as well.



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