Developer Diary: Inspiration #1

Currently, I am implementing the feedback you guys provided me! :D And because this takes a little time, I will write about one of my inspirations for the game:

Treasure Monkeys is about finding treasures by using the power of geometry. Geometry, as math generally, can be very fascinating! And how fascinating it can be, I learned (surprise!) in a computer game!

I played “Gabriel Knight 3” when I was a teenager. And in this game, there is a puzzle where you find several new locationsby placing geometrical shapes on a map.

I remembered the game when a friend of mine (a passionate graphic programmer) told me that he would have payed more attention in math class, if he knew that geometry had this useful and challenging purpose. (He referred to graphic programming, not “Gabriel Knight”.)

And voilá! There was the idea for a game in which you find treasures by using geometry!

When I am scripting the gameplay prototype, I also have to use many vector analysis. And though I hated math during school, I now love to re-learn and use it. It is all about the purpose – and what could be a better purpose to use math then digging up treasures?


Gabriel Knight 3

Watch how it works in a Let’s Play on Youtube!

Let’s Play videos are pure gold if you’re doing research. First of all, they show you how OTHER people see games. You can see and hear their reactions and learn about where they face problems during their play sessions. Whenever I have to do some no brain work, I watch (or mostly hear) some Let’s Play videos. (I am a Gronkh fangirl! ^^)

You can watch Let’s Play videos to learn about genres you’ll never play yourself. They give you an insight that no other media could give you before. If you want to learn about games and players, watch Let’s Play videos!


Click here for part #2 of the inspiration series!


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