All about the Money

Whoa! We are already halfway through october? Dear, time is fast. It really is about time to show you the pretty, pretty key image I ordered from the super talented and super nice Johanna “Schlogger” Baumann:


I just love it! I am so looking forward to print it as a sticker for my notebook! <3


Unfortunately, I can not just sail the coconut carribean and dig up treasures, like the Treasure Monkeys do it. And so I sailed the last two month under a green flag with a dollar sign on it. (Actually, it would be an euro sign, but, you know, it’s more figurative.)

I worked on my business plan and start-up grant application. I had the idea to work as a self-employed teacher for Scratch, to be independent from any publisher or other sponsor. But after bushwhacking through the thicket of rules and laws of the german way of self-employment, I realized, that teaching something to regular schools is something no one can afford. Now, I am checking other possibilities to earn some coins. If you have any idea, don’t hesitate to tell me ;)

Right now, I am visiting a guidance seminar for start-ups. I am looking for the way that leads to the product I have in mind.

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2 Responses to All about the Money

  1. Joachim says:

    I guess you have thought about going the Kickstarter/Indiegogo way with this? Because what you seem to already have here, especially with a robust business plan, might go a long way there (you never know). Of course it would probably be a lot of additional effort for an intro video and all that…

    Btw my daugher already asked me when she can finally play this. :)

    • JO says:

      Yeah I thought about it! :) But it will take some time until I will be there. Next thing will be a nice trailer.

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